Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

The time has come! I am returned from my 2 month absence.  There were a number of misfortunes and hardships that befell my family recently, and I have needed all of my energy to deal with them.  I didn’t feel I had the reserves to be fully present and focused for my work here, so I decided to hold off on making any posts.  My purpose as a writer and teacher is to uplift, inform, and inspire those who encounter my work.  I want every word I write to come from a place of alignment with my purpose, so if I am not fully present and engaged in my material and message, I am doing you a disservice.  That is the primary reason I decided to wait until I had regained more solid footing again. I apologize to anyone who may have been waiting for the next part of my Aging Gracefully series.  I intend to post two more parts to that series: one on food for youthful health and one concerning the breath.  I also intend to do a more lengthy discussion of the importance of breath work as well as examples and some discussion of inner peace, how to find it, and how to deal with pain, stress, and loss on the road to inner peace.

Today, on the first of May, it is a day for celebrating fertility and fruitfulness.  In between the classes I teach, I have been taking a little time to walk outside in the sunlight.  It is about the most perfect Beltane day you could hope for up here in the Pacific Northwest. I am grateful for the chance to enjoy the sun on May Day even on a busy teaching day.

If you haven't already done so today, take some time to enjoy the abundance in your life, no matter what form it takes.  You could spend time in your garden or tending indoor plants. You could take a side trip to the local market and purchase some fresh fruit, vegetables, honey, or flowers to enjoy.  A cup of fragrant tea shared with a friend would also be a wonderful way to give thanks for the fruitfulness in your own life experiences.

I will pick back up with my Aging Gracefully series in the next week or two. My posts may be slower than I intend depending on the shifting situations of health, family, and professional commitments, but I do plan to finish up that series this month.  I hope Aging Gracefully brings information and inspiration to everyone who visits this page.

I would also like to announce that I will potentially be doing a book signing at Bay Leaf Market, vegan and vegetarian café/grocery in Crawfordville, Florida later this month.  I will post more details as I have them.  If you’re in the area, drop in and say hello.

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