Monday, June 18, 2012

Book Update

The second edition of my book Kundalini Rising is on track for release by the end of this month...provided I manage to finish updating and expanding the index pronto.  I've added some new material and updated the old material, so you can look forward to an even better book in the second edition.  I did not do the index in the original volume, however, I've always felt it was excellent.  I was asked to expand it a bit, and of course, I want the index in the second edition to reflect the new material.  It is taking a lot more work than I anticipated.  Indexing is not my forte, but I am dedicated to giving my readers the best Yoga book that I can.  So don't hold your breath, Yoga fans!  Kundalini Rising will be out in its second edition before you know it.

Now, back to work on that index!  Namaste.

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