Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yoga Update

Just a quick update for anyone in my area who is currently attending or would like to join me for my Tuesday night Yoga Flow class in Canyon Park (Bothell, WA). The schedule has been a little weird these past few months with competing events at the club, but we'll be more predictable through the end of the year.  Through the summer I've been doing a lot of standing series postures and Yoga techniques that energize.  Now that the rain has returned to Seattle, we're getting large classes of quiet, introspective folks.  I'm going to be focusing on balancing postures and floor work through January.  Come on out at 7pm (Pacific) for my class at Vision Quest Sport and Fitness for a taste of this relaxing format before whatever busy plans you have for Halloween.

Halloween is my personal, favorite holiday.  There will be no classes tomorrow, but I do plan to post a little blog about Halloween things near and dear to my heart.  Be safe, be well, join me tonight for Yoga if you're in my area.

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